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Residential Solar Hot
Water Systems

The principles of solar hot water heating are very simple.

Collector tubes absorb the heat from the sun and transfer it to the water or other liquid flowing through the tubes, in the same way that water in a garden hose will heat up if left lying in the sun.
Let's look at the components of your hot water system and how they work.

Your system is made up of:
Solar Collectors

A well insulated storage tank with a heat exchanger

Regusol unit: A circulating pump and control unit

Depending on the size of your family and your particular hot water requirements, you will need either one or two solar collectors.


Heating water in your home is one of the most energy consuming demands you have. The cost to heat water in your home is likely to be 25 - 30% of your total energy costs; it will be higher if you have more than four people in your home. This may mean that almost half of your electric bill, or more than 40% of your gas or oil bill, will go towards your domestic hot water costs. Solar water heating is the easiest, most straight-forward way to use the sun to save both energy and money. A residential solar hot water system will reduce the energy you require to heat your hot water anywhere from 60 to 80%.

Federal and State Incentives and Credits

Your Investment
Your system is a long-term investment that will provide

Free hot water, or greatly reduced utility bills, saving you $100s annually this can be even more significant if your utility company has a tiered rate structure, charging more at higher levels of usage.

Protection against increased energy prices once installed your system will be producing all or some of your hot water at no cost.

The use of clean, non-polluting renewable energy it is estimated that, over a 20 year period, a solar hot water system that replaces an electric system will avoid 50 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide traps heat, contributing to the global warming. You are contributing to the reduced dependence on fossil fuels.